Sensual Goddess encouraging you to cum

New Clip!

In this sexy and sensuous clip, I whisper seductively to you. You’re back for more of me. More of my big. soft body. My large, plump ass. My huge and swollen breasts and my natural, hairy armpits. I want you to cum as I apply makeup and give you a hot tour of my body wearing only a thong. Cum countdown for you at the end. 1080p HD. 11 mins 12 secs


Anonymous asked:

Weird question, but have you ever measured the diameter of your areola?

Not that weird of a question. I have yet to measure them but that could be in an upcoming video if people are interested?



omg stop asking sex workers if their significant others are okay with it

no sex worker I know would date someone who isn’t okay with it

are you fucking seriously gonna ask that question

I think they hope our lovers are not aware so they can feel privileged to be a witness of what we do. Or to tell us we are sluts to be doing it in secret idk… I feel like it’s not a true question, they just want an occasion to judge.

^ I agree with ngaunt because whenever they ask it’s followed up by a bunch of questions such as, “What do they think?” or “Do you sleep around also?”. It feels like a question that opens them up to ask more judgemental questions. Ugh -.-
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